Our Workshops

Core Stress Release w Jeff Martens

Saturday, April 15 2017 1:30pm – 3:30pm

Moksha Yoga Phoenix
3121 E. Lincoln | Phoenix, AZ 85016

Core Stress Release (CSR) Yoga Therapy: Revealing the Path of Personal Transformation.
Fear elicits certain biological and emotional reactions in the body designed to keep you surviving. To truly live means letting go of these false strategies of success. Enjoy a Core Stress Release (CSR) Yoga Therapy class and surrender deep holding patterns of contraction to past fears, stress and trauma. During this class you will learn the language that your body speaks and how to communicate effectively with the cells in your body in order to live a life that you truly want to live all the way down to your genetic code.

Jeff Martens has been teaching yoga and holistic principles since 1989. His understanding flows from diverse sources including a psychology and MFA degree, a deep love of sacred stories, and a three-year study of the world’s sacred texts. His classes combine timeless wisdom, internal adjustment, practical philosophy, and inspiring affirmation in a dynamic flow unifying the teachings of Classical and Tantra yoga.

Kirtan-The Band of Now with Prem Vidu Band of Now

Saturday, April 15 2017 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Moksha Yoga Phoenix
3121 E. Lincoln | Phoenix, AZ 85016

Come join us for a sweet evening of singing divine names and prayers. Kirtan is a call and response style of singing based in the Bhakti yoga tradition. Stilling the mind, softening the heart, evoking joy, and dissolving seperateness are just some of the magical benefits of this ancient practice. And it’s just a sweet time in community. No experience necessary. Come join the band!

Early Bird Pricing is only $15.
Day of the event is $20.

Intro to Kriyas with Angie Hall

Saturday, April 22 2017 1:30pm – 3:30pm

Moksha Yoga Phoenix
3121 E. Lincoln | Phoenix, AZ 85016

The Brain’s Healing Way via Kriyas Everyday with Angie Hall

Angie just returned from her fourth trip to India where she completed her master level training with her teacher studying Sattva Yoga. Sattva Yoga incorporates kriya.
Kriya practices are traditionally passed down from Guru to student. Kriyas is action that leads us to evolution, expansion and liberation. This workshop will be a way for students to have a better understanding of the history, and the healing capacity (known as neuroplasticity) Kriyas create.