Sean Shelton

Instructor, Photographer
Brief info


Background: Sean completed his teacher training in 2011 and has sence become an E-RYT instructor. The desire to become a teacher of yoga came as a result of following 2 major passions teaching and inspiring others to live.

Philosophy: Yoga can present a method of losing fear and gaining a clearer view of life. When we lose our fears we gain the ability to take on life at its fullest. This gives us the strength and the clear view to fly through obstacle and make the best of our life. Sean wishes to see the world inspired.

“To see the world in a grain of sand” William Blake.

Interesting/Unique: Teaching from a place of love and inspiration Sean draws on his experiences as a Rock Climber, Diver and adventurer to show a different perspective on life and the practice. He also holds a degree in Psychology from ASU and draws many parallels to the studies of yoga. This has also fueled his passion for the teachings and knowledge of yoga.