Seth Nichols

Brief info

Background: Seth began his yoga journey in Santa Barbara, CA after graduating from UCSB in 1999 with a B.A. in English Literature. He moved to Phoenix in 2004 and started instructing the following year. In 2006, he completed a three week intensive teacher training with Dave Oliver. Of his many influences, he considers his good friend Vinnie Marino of Yoga Works to be his most significant yoga mentor.

Philosophy: Seth teaches a very straight forward Vinyasa class with an emphasis on breath and alignment. His classes are challenging but designed to be accessible to anyone with a decent amount of physical capability and a willingness to work hard. He most often incorporates music into his classes.

Personal: Seth was the yoga instructor for the Arizona Diamondbacks during the 2007 offseason and is the author of a full length novel, Surface to Air, which is published and available on Amazon.