Specialty: Combination of yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Gung

Background: E-RYT 500 Master Yoga Teacher and instructor with extensive experience teaching yoga, martial arts and tai chi classes as well as training yoga teachers throughout the Valley. Rasoul has studied yoga in depth with elite international yoga teacher, Cain Carrol, and Carlyn Sykes (Certified Iyengar Teacher) from SCC. He has been teaching yoga for 13 years and self defense for 20 years. He is 3rd degree black belt in Kung Fu and Royal Korean Martial Arts (Kuk Sool Won).

Philosophy: Transform lifestyle toward healthier and more holistic way of living.

Unique/Personal: Rasoul has been teaching a yoga and tai chi program on Persian Royal Time TV weekly for 5 years and has produced more than seventy yoga programs broadcasting in the US and Canada. You may watch his yoga program on line at Persian Royal Time TV